Behind the Headlines : Daughters of Paradise

This is an interactive website created by Refinery 29 .It tells the story of girls who have been displaced and effected by war. It opens with a definition of what a refugee is. Then proceeds to show us stories though sound, photos and video clips.

We are introduced to 3 girls. Noor, Najlaas and Reem. They all tell their story of how war has effected them and their families. Each on a different path but each very similar stories. I like the interactivity of this piece and how easy it is to navigate. The images and audio enhance the experience.

6 x 9

6 x 9 is a VR experience about solitary confinement. It was created by The Guardian. What I love about this project is how honest it is. It opens with facts about how 80,000 to 100,000 people are currently in solitary confinement in the USA. They spend 22 – 24 hours a day in this cell with no human contact. You are then told why people are sent here. These things are written on the wall as well as spoken by current inmates. Things like mental health can be effected by solitary confinement within the first couple of days.

I like how this is not only educational but tells real life stories of real inmates.

I will be looking to create something similar in my FYP.

KEØMA – Gone

3D graphics really intrigues me. It is something that I want to become really good at. The video displays waves crashing  together to create a human. I’d love to take elements of this video. I can imagine how I could make it related to my theme. Maybe showing the refugees running and all the experiences they have been through places on their skin. This could also be adapted to a VR experience.

Both of the pieces have been created by a digital artist called Dirk Raunchier. He is from Germany. He has worked along side artist, record labels and festivals to create unique pieces for them. His projects are all displayed on his website :

Soldiers Painting Peace by Banksy

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-14-53-22 Banksy is known for his controversial artwork that pop ups on fences, walls and buildings around the world.

This piece stood of out for my in particular as it shows two soldiers painting a peace symbol on a wall. This challenges the ideas behind war. Are the soldiers helping or making things worse? Are they causing more pain and destruction by helping find peace? I like how thought provoking Banksy’s works has become. He finds a way to connect with people through visuals and educate them. He makes you think outside the box and see ideas from a different point of view.

This is an element I would like to take into my project. Just make people stop, think and react to what they are being shown.

Silk – Interactive Generative Art


Silk in an interactive generative art platform. With simple mouse controls you can create simple and amazing art pieces. You can draw using mirroring pen movements, this creates a trippy style art. Different colours and amount of mirrors can be added. Even when you mess it up your drawings turn out great.

I love the interactivity of the program. It allows you to do so much, giving the user full control. You can find the online program at You have the ability to make ti full screen also,this enhances the program. It is also available on iPad and other tablet devices.






“I still feel fear, but I like to smile”

Portraits of Fear were created by the Poland based artist Magdalena Pacewicz. She combines digital technology with traditional media.The thought behind this project is looking into the human psyche. She peels back the human face to see what lies within. She sees fear and sincere pain.

I like the confusion of this project. It causes curiosity within the viewer. There is a dept to this project which intrigues me. More then meets the eye.

I found Magdalena Pacewicz work on It is a great website for inspirational pieces of work.

Design and Violence Exhibition


Last Tuesday I visited the Science Gallery in Trinity College, Dublin. All of the exhibitions were under the theme of Design and Violence.One that stood out to me was a exhibition where the visitors of the gallery made the installations.

We were asked to choose an object from an array of things. Using white gloves we brought the object to a bench where we were given a piece of paper. We had to write down what attracted us to the object and write a small piece about the object. Once we were finished we got to display the paper and the object for an hour. We were given a choice of stands and boxes that we could display our objects on. At the end of the hour the paper is kept on display and the object removed. There were folders full of information of each object that you could read after you wrote your piece.


I love how interactive and simple this exhibition is. It is very engaging and suitable for everyone to join in. Using visitors thoughts as artistic pieces makes the experience much more personal.

Where’s Wally – 360º Experience

This piece of 360º art was created by a Google Street View photographer. Kevin Hohler created this using This software allows anyone to create 360º art pieces.

What I love about this project is that it is both interactive and creative at the same time.When exploring the 360º environment you find some unusual characters. Homer Simpson and Ash from Pokemon are just a few seem. After looking around for a good 25 minutes I have still yet to find wally!

The Weight of Water – Elaine Hoey


Elaine Hoey is student from NCAD. She created a VR piece telling an artistic story of Syrian refugees landing in Greece on boats. The exhibition is currently being shown int he Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin.Through out the experience a women recited a poem. I expected the VR experience to be more literal, but instead it was very abstract. Elaine portrayed the story in a very different way. I did like this piece, but I didn’t find it to be very emotional.

The experience took place in a metal cage with barbed wire. A fan was pointed at you through out the journey. This added to the atmosphere. When the VR experience started you are sitting in a boat amongst the refugees. A man sitswhatsapp-image-2016-11-15-at-14-39-22 in front of you with a torch and you can partially see the women face who is reciting the poem. You are brought through a series of sliding doors. At one point of the experience you are lifted from the boat and given a birds eye view. At this point I began to
feel a little bit of motion sickness.

At the end of the piece the you are left on an island in the boat and lifted up once more. I enjoyed the experience but I didn’t find it to be very educational or thought provoking. It was a great piece but I feel more could have been done.

United Colours of Benetton Campaigns

United Colours of Benetton is known for their thought provoking and controversial campaigns.They have covered a lot of topics over the course of their campaigns these include:

  • No matter your race, culture, sex
  • Uniting Cultures
  • Black and White Campaign
  • HIV – 1993
  • Real Life Campaign – 1992
  • Food Crisis – 1996
  • Death Row – 2000
  • Microcredit – Africa Work
  • Women’s Abuse

You can see there really isn’t a topic they haven’t touched on. I think these campaigns work because they are controversial and shocking. They will get publicity even if it is bad. They also educate people. Showing them things that are sometimes not talked about in the  media. Below are a selection of the print ads United Colours of Benetton have released over the last 24 years.


In the last 4 years United Colours of Benetton have started to release video campaigns. Below are a selection of these. One covers the topic ending violence towards women. The one after that is a video about live and how it doesn’t have to be only between a man and a women.

These two project are very interesting. I love the build up in the first one and they way they show the violence. It is very impactful. In saying this the problem seemed to be over powered by the flowers, when it is a very serious matter that I believe could have been portrayed in another way. The idea was great but I feel it could have been dealt differently.