The Sea Experience

Just a little check in.

So I wanted to make the sea experience more interesting. I have decided to make an ocean and beach. I have already made the land so I will now work on the sea. I want a low poly ocean as I think it would go with the design of the experience. Here is what I have so far. I will make the ocean and add a boat to the coast line.


Some Research : Art Installations

As I have changed my medium I have some some research on what makes a successful projection installation piece. It seems visuals are key. They visuals need to be strong, colourful and powerful. I found this company that specialise in projection art and they have a process video which I found to be very interesting.

Their use of strong visuals in amazing. They made all of the graphics themselves and used footage captured by young people within the community.

I also came across this company called Projection Artworks. They are another projections art company. The do indoor, outdoor and installation pieces. One thing that caught my eye was something they said about the audience.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 13.39.24

This is exactly what I want my experience to be like. I want the audience to be caught in the projections and for their thoughts to be provoked.

They project not only onto building and walls but on to 3D objects. This could be an idea for my project. Either way I feel this is much better then the VR and it will enhance my project.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 13.39.42

Moving from VR to Art Installation ?

So I have been thinking a lot about the final product of my project and I feel the VR isn’t the right medium to show it through. It really won’t help tell the story and will just confuse the viewer.

I think an art installation would be the best way to display it. Have it projected on 4 walls and looping. I need to do some research on successful installation pieces as I’ve been looking at VR up until now!


New objects in Blender.

After my last supervisor meeting with Hugh we wrote down a list of object that I could project onto in each scene.

  1. War – Building
  2. Water – Port/Boats
  3. Refugee Camps – A Camp/Tents
  4. Land Travel – Billboards/ Road

Some of these scenes are collect and others I have to work on still. I need to make more boats and texture them a little bit to make them look wooden. I also have add a run down car in the land travel scene. All in all I am happy about how these are turning out considering my experience in Blender is the best. Onwards and Upwards !!

The Edits

For each scene there will be projections. I want make these projections myself. At the moment I have used stock footage to create the layered edits. To show my editing and film skills I should film as much as I can myself and then use stock footage is needed.

Here are some screen grabs from the first cuts of edits.


Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 13.09.09


Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 13.08.17


Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 13.08.40


Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 13.08.56

These are just some ideas that I hope to improve on. I think there is too much layering in places. These images might not be visible when projected onto the objects.

Animating in Blender

I decided to start fresh with my scene in blender. I had been working on the animations but I figured I would start again.

Considering the model will not have projections on them I went back into Adobe Fuse and dressed Rima. I then exported her as a FBX file and brought her into Mixamo. Here I rigged and animated her and exported a couple of animations. Using the tutorial that Hugh showed me I brought Rima into Blender. I also brought into the animations. This worked out great! the only problem I have is linking up the animations and the positions. But I’ll figure it out.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 13.51.47

Next I made two cubes. Here I projected the war edit. In rendering it out it finally worked!! This made me extremely happy has it hasn’t work before. Currently the video is playing on the codes and the animation is working out great too. The camera keep moving weirdly but I will figure out what is going on.

Project Sound.

One of the things I worked on this week was the sound for my project. I used an Irish voice over for the first part of the recording as I still need to find a way to get someone with an Syrian accent.

When deciding what effects to up over the music and voice over I read over the script a circled the things that could be related to sound. I also wrote down all the sounds associated with war.I then went to a copyright free sound clip site (


Doing the voice over was very simple. Using Reaper I added the music, sound clips and voice over together. I also changed the levels and the direction in which the audio came out of the speakers. This created a good atmosphere. When the voice over speaks about certain things like “wind” and “shell” I slowly added the sound clips that relate to them. They are subtle and effective.

I will put this audio over the test animation I have made. I think it will bring the visuals and the animation together and help tell a story.

Supervisor Meeting

I’ve been feeling very bad about my project recently. I have been so fixated on the things I can’t do that I am forgetting the things I am able to do. During my meeting with Hugh we made of a list of the things I can do. That really helped me. I realised that I know more then I thought and I could in fact more forward with my project. Instead of getting down on the things that weren’t working I could change them to suit my skills. Blender is proving to be my biggest problem. In saying this I am slowly slowly working through it and finding my feet with it. I know these things take time and it just frustrates me that I have all these ideas that are practically hard to achieve.

Projecting the videos onto he bodies is proving very problematic so I have decided to just project onto objects with in the scene. For next week I hope to have 1 minute of my project done. This will include: an animated character, audio and voice over and video project. I will also look at camera animation and look for it to zoom and move around the scene I have created.

I hope this week will be very productive and my project will move forward and begin to come together in some way.

New Direction… maybe

So it turns out that is becoming very very problematic to get the videos projected on the bodies. I think I have bitten off more then I can chew and I’m a little scare at the moment. After an email from Hugh maybe a new direction is in order.

I was thinking about ways that I can still tell the same stories but in different way. One idea is to create different worlds in a way. For each character you walk with them and the experiences appear on the buildings for instance or the water. This way it could be easier for me to achieve.

I have made very rough story boards below which should give the idea of what I am trying to make. I will try to make a mock up in Blender today and see if it is doable. By doing it this way putting the images onto the 3D images will be easier.



Working up to my presentation on Monday I imported one of my character into Blender. I then tried to apply the video layer to the body. After days of trying I was stuck in a rut about it. After talking to one of my peers about it he showed me how it might be done. Unfortunately I didn’t have it done in time for my presentation but it something I will look to do next week.